Follow These 6 Top Tips to Become a JavaScript Master!

Christopher Kendrick
3 min readMay 3, 2022


Javascript is an indispensable part of the internet experience. For a would-be web programmer wondering what road to go down in 2022, JS is still a gigantic part of the web and developers are in high demand.

Learning JS is not easy, but it is doable and rewarding. Just apply yourself and follow these top tips and you won’t go far wrong!

Do Your Research

We’re talking about an incredibly broad, far-reaching language here- with myriad applications. Read around and get a feel for the direction you want to go. There are several routes you could go down. As a starting point, work out whether you want to work in the front or the backend.

Pick A Range of Credible Learning Sources

You can get to a basic, or even proficient, level of ability using just online tutorials. But we are talking about becoming a JavaScript master. You need to draw on a range of credible learning sources. Definitely take advantage of tutorials and online courses, but also refer to more academic sources. There are amazing texts out there that will not only teach you JS, but the theory behind it. This will add depth and confidence to your skills.

Focus on Plain JavaScript To Begin With

Many people starting out jump straight into learning frameworks. In fact, it is surprising how many developers focus solely on tools like Vue and Angular. I guarantee you, that if you know JavaScript backwards and forwards, you will set yourself apart from a large portion of the competition.

Of course, you should not neglect frameworks, which leads me to my next point…

Get Comfortable With Multiple Frameworks

Ultimately, you are going to end up working with a framework during your JS career. There are pros and cons to each, and new tools crop up every year. Frameworks come in and out of vogue, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes seemingly for no reason! The best approach is to get a feel for a few. 9 times out of 10, you’ll get to decide what framework you are working out of. Work out which one you prefer and favor it as you move forward.

However, do your best to keep up the practice of exploring other frameworks, you never know when it might come in handy!

Don’t Discount HTML & CSS

JS might be a huge part of most web applications, but HTML & CSS are still the building blocks of the internet. Getting a high-level, practical knowledge of the mechanics of HTML & CSS will pay dividends, particularly if you are planning on working on the front end.

Code, Code, Code

Every minute coding is worth 10 minutes reading. Like learning an instrument, you just need to practice. Don’t take shortcuts, write out lines of code even if you could look it up or use a library. You need to develop a mental muscle memory so that coding is like breathing!

Bonus Tip

JavaScript is constantly evolving and can be applied in countless ways. When you start researching, it can feel like there is an impossible mountain to climb. Well, sure, if you are expecting to actually learn every shred of JS, every framework, every application, every library, then you have set yourself an impossible task! Nobody can achieve this, no programmer ever has or ever will. So my bonus tip is: just take it one step at a time! Soon you’ll be running.

If you’re smart, committed and curious, you have everything you need to become a JavaScript master. Well, that and a computer!

Good luck!



Christopher Kendrick

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